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GOT CRUISER? Add-A-Leaf Springs
Toyota Land Cruiser 40, 60 and 62 Series

These GOT CRUISER? Add-A-Leafs are designed to give a mild lift of 1-1/2" or in the case of severely sagging will help to get you back up where you belong. Available in either a short (24") version, or a long (46") version. The short version will tend to be stiffer, and give better support for heavier loads as well as being less expensive, where as the long version will be much softer but will also be more expensive. Sold in pairs, and includes longer center spring pins necessary for installation.

When installing Add-A-Leafs on the rear of a 60 series Land Cruiser, the rear rubber isolation packing and brackets will need to be removed and a "center bolt spacer" will need to be used to locate the axle to the spring.